How secure is your network?

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Most hackers claim they can break target systems in under 12 hours.

It also takes less than a day in total to finish the job and steal valuable data.


Content courtesy of Charlie Osborne for Zero Day and ITG Corporation.

According to new research, the majority of hackers claim they can break through cybersecurity defenses and infiltrate their target’s systems within hours.

At ITG, we provide your business with a comprehensive network security audit that outlines potential vulnerabilities. Our approach provides your company with an outline of potential security threats, and addresses security risks pertinent to your business.

In a confidential survey of 70 professional hackers and penetration testers conducted at the DEFCON conference this year in Las Vegas, Nevada, 17 percent of hackers claimed it would take them no longer than two hours to breach a target. More than half of the respondents said they changed their tactics with every target, but traditional countermeasures such as firewalls and antivirus programs rarely proved to be a barrier. However, when it comes to endpoint security, modern solutions are considered a more effective way of preventing attacks.

ITG provides modern solutions and will help you deal with these potential intruders. Our external and internal scans evaluate your company’s ability to protect its network infrastructure, applications, endpoints and users from any network security breach. We use comprehensive intrusion detection services that provide your business with an effective means of anticipating emerging security risks and preventing unauthorized access to critical systems and valuable information.

Consider this: Almost two-thirds of hackers, 65 percent in total, said their biggest frustration is that most organizations did not bother to fix the vulnerabilities and security weaknesses they discovered. Isn’t it time you addressed your network vulnerabilities? Contact ITG for a free assessment 518.479.3881 or

We have the network security expertise to help you plan, install, optimize and manage the complex network infrastructure that enables your critical business applications.


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