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Established businesses of late are faced with network infrastructures that are slow, inconsistent and disconnected across all locations. Outdated servers delay systems causing aggravated problems when running backups. Attempts by remote workers to access company file servers frequently result in time-draining troubleshooting.

Enter the digital workspace. Businesses are increasingly turning to virtual environments in an effort to maintain direct control of their own hardware and software.

“Ownership models, cloud computing and concepts like self-service have disrupted the traditional model for end-user computing. Today’s mobile-cloud era users increasingly leverage a portfolio of heterogeneous devices and applications as well as a growing set of enterprise resources and services through wireless connections and unpredictable security environments. As the possibilities have increased in this era, so too have the expectations that these applications and resources will be available anytime and anywhere, successfully making a workforce more effective in how they serve the business and their customers.

At ITG we build your company’s virtual environment around your data usage, performance and uptime requirements, then automatically manage and monitor that infrastructure ensuring seamless efficiency.

With the amalgamation of users, applications, operating systems and devices within the workforce, the digital landscape is now much more complex and difficult to manage. Microsoft apps and desktop PCs no longer dominate the workplace; BlackBerry adoption rates continue to decline. Cloud-native, web and software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps are able to accomplish the same levels of productivity as legacy applications.

Given these trends and the state of innovation across the industry, the market requires a new model. Unlike the desktop of the client-server era, the digital workspace is not defined by a single image or a standard operating environment. It is the aggregation of all devices, applications and services required by users, securely managed and unified by common access and identity management, enabling IT to extend a dynamic experience to their users.” 1

This is essentially confirming that the days of rooms full of physical servers are gone. They have been replaced with virtual environments customized to house a company’s increased flow of data. Your company’s digital workspace should enable your employees and customers to accomplish work anytime, anywhere across smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and virtual workstations.  Additionally, if your company has data that is legally required to remain on premise and inside your company’s firewalls, then a private cloud is the way to maintain compliance.

In 2016, 62 percent of executives deemed it a business priority to transform to a virtual environment. 2 Reasoning focused on improved team productivity, streamlined business processes, and significant cost reduction in supporting their mobile workforces. A 150 percent average ROI on adoption of virtual environments has been reported across the board.

1,263 IT decision makers, IT influencers, and business decision makers worldwide were surveyed to examine the progress of global organizations transitioning from the client-server era to the mobile-cloud era. The survey comprised of a blind market sample and used a 30-minute Web-based questionnaire. The participants represented a broad range of industries, titles, and company sizes.

Getting your virtual environment up-and-running, and doing it quickly, can come with its own set of challenges. When you choose ITG as your technology provider, you can be assured that your solution will be quickly installed utilizing the most efficient hardware. We will provision cloud services using a single interface and will provide the ability to auto-scale as demand from your growing business increases. You can be confident in the outcome knowing that our security and customer service are second to none in the industry.

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 1,2 The State of the Digital Workspace, Vmware, December 2016

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