Seamless File Sharing: Dream or Reality

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graphic-byodDo you have employees that regularly work offsite? If so, are they frequently accessing company files for updates and sending them back and forth for approvals and changes? There’s a continued increase in remote and mobile workforces with employees using their own devices creating unintentional security issues. Remote workers find themselves in constant email mode in an effort to stay on top of updated documentation, and often save information as files on personal computer drives.

Because remote workers need a shared location they can access from anywhere, mobile file sharing has become increasingly commonplace and most companies are familiar with, or have likely used unsecure, consumer-based cloud storage solutions such as DropboxTM or Google Docs.  With so much content to process, managers need to be able to configure access rights and track changes to content. Work groups can’t rely on document naming conventions to track versions, since documents are changed by multiple team members. Groups need automatic and intuitive document versioning tools that track changes and allow team members to easily identify the appropriate version of a given set of information.

Whether mobile or onsite, your employees need to work and collaborate efficiently, and expect complete device flexibility with seamless access to and transfer of documents between their colleagues. But, if you haven’t provided a company-approved file sharing solution with enhanced corporate file management capabilities, your employees will resort to using standard document naming conventi
ons and unmanaged consumer file-sharing options to meet their business needs, putting your business data and confidential information at significant risk.

Our File Sync and Sharing (FSS) solution provides you with secure self-service and automation so your files can be retrieved, recovered and edited without IT intervention. Plus, our endpoint data protection reduces IT burden, improves end-user productivity and keeps your corporate data protected.

With so many team members working on so many different projects, teams need a common platform that allows them to communicate with one another in real time. While communicating over email and using a set of chat tools that has served business in the past, the most competitive organizations are now opting for tools that allow both group communication and one-on-one exchanges to function in a consistent manner across the project team.

Additionally, security is a primary issue among many organizations subject to compliance or other industry regulations and need to demonstrate adherence to information management requirements.

Six-Month Retention

Typically, when you edit a file using your existing content management program and save it, the file is available for all end users to view and provide additional edits. Each new version is expected to overwrite the last. But, our solution goes one step further: it can open previous versions of a file for up to six months and allows for document version control and quick, easy content search and retrieval. A complete listing of all versions of the file will be made available to you along with the author’s name and file size.

When considering a content management tool, consider the advantages and features of ITG’s File Sync and Sharing (FSS) solution. It provides integrated mobile document management (MDM) and device security, access to shared server files while on the road and from any smart device, and the ability for system administrators to manage users, shared connections, and disconnect and wipe a compromised device, such as a lost cell phone. It features the most current file encryption while in transit and at rest, is HIPPA compliant with no file size limit and features file editing capability via a web browser and its mobile app. When file edits are saved they are made instantly visible to all members of the project. Once a file is saved, a new version is created giving users the ability to revert to any state of that file within the last six months.

If you feel the need to justify the purchase of our FSS solution, consider contacting one of our clients for their feedback on how we have helped them address their own sets of challenges in content management.  Contact us at

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