Be Aware, Be Alert Checklist

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The end of the year is a notoriously busy time for most organizations. Now that we are within the new year, take the time to focus on your security.  Please keep these reminders handy to help protect yourself against Cybercrime.

Most malicious attacks an organization will face, will be initiated via email, and can easily spread through an organization without the proper protection. Even a company with a dedicated IT department can still have these attacks slip through.

Be Aware:

  1. Phishing scammers lure their targets into a false sense of security by spoofing the familiar, trusted logos of established, legitimate companies. Or they pretend to be a friend or family member.
  2. Phishing scammers make it seem like they need your information or someone else’s, quickly – or something bad will happen. They might say your account will be frozen, you’ll fail to get a tax refund, your boss will get mad, even that a family member will be hurt or you could be arrested. They lie with the intent of obtaining you or your organizations confidential and financial information.

Be Alert:

  1. Never let your guard down.
  2. Never assume anything you receive via email is legit. If you are not 100% certain call the sender to verify.
  3. Do not allow yourself or your organization to complete financial transactions solely via email. There have been widespread bank wire fraud attacks. Please be extremely careful.
    • The best practice here, is to come up with a strict set of actions that are required for financial transactions, and stick to them. A phone call or face to face hand off should be at least one of the steps.

Be Proactive:

  1. Even the most careful users, are susceptible to this kind of fraud. This is why at ITG we urge our clients to take the necessary proactive measures. ITG has new products and recommendations that will further protect you from these types of security scams. We strongly recommend sending all of your users our Be Aware and Be Alert checklist from above.
  2. ITG services and our customized plans include full security coverage:
  3. Prevention – reduce the number of phishing and spam emails that make it through to the users.
  4. Training – user awareness is a critical part of the defense.
  5. Compliance – many organizations are now subject to either Federal or State security compliance rules. We are here to help you navigate these and build a security platform that will ensure you can meet and maintain compliance.

If you have any questions or would like to request additional information feel free to contact us today.

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