Are Your Younger Employees Oblivious to Online Security?

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Millennials are often believed to be the most tech-savvy employees within an organization, but a recent survey from Symantec actually shows that users under 35 are actually less concerned with security than previous generations.

These “digital natives” are sharing information online at an unprecedented rate, but without some of the safeguards used by their older counterparts. With this in mind, could your younger staff members pose a risk to your company’s online security? The Facts Symantec surveyed 1000 people, 500 of which were under the age of 35.

The results of the survey show that among millennials:
72% don’t use security software on their devices (compared to 55% for those over the age of 55)
52% don’t protect their home Wi-Fi password (40% for 55+)
58% don’t run regular security updates (29% for 55+)
48% of millennials don’t use complex passwords

Given that a striking 95 percent of cyberattacks are the result of human error, these figures should be concerning for employers. More and more millennials are accessing secure work files from their personal devices, or reusing passwords across a variety of platforms. These bad habits can be an easy way in for an attacker, seriously compromising your company’s online security.

Fixing the Problem–
This mindset comes from a generation that has seen technological innovation at its finest, and as a result, millennials often incorrectly assume that their devices are protected. Employers must challenge this notion to correct the security problem among millennials.

To ensure that lax attitudes towards security don’t threaten your organization, you should thoroughly train each staff member that joins your team. You might cover: What’s appropriate to share on social media and with others online Which devices they can access work files from Correct password protocols Awareness of current scams and viruses You should set up mandatory password requirements and automatic security updates for each workstation in your office, as well as for company-owned devices that your employees take home with them.

Keep these important policies front of mind with routine reminders and regular training sessions to update them on the ever-changing world of online security. Digital natives are confident in their technical abilities, as well as the built-in security of the devices they use. However, this confidence is often misplaced, and it can actually be harmful in a professional environment. Keep your company safe by reminding millennial employees of the importance of online security, both on social media and internally.

Article from Strategic Staffing/February 5, 2016